Founded in partnership with Kaja NATURAL and FRIGOPAK, Jr. Sous CHEF brand was established in 2019. Since the day it was founded, it has achieved success in a short time thanks to the value it gives to both producers and consumers, innovative approaches and always closely following and implementing the developments in its field. Today, our organic certified canned products are produced in the modern factory of our company partner FRİGOPAK in Bursa İnegöl, which is built on a 30.000 m2 land and 27.000 m2 closed area and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

We Offer You Products We Believe In

Her zaman doğal ve sağlıklı olanın peşinden gidiyoruz. Bizimle aynı duyguyu paylaşan çiftçilerle birlikte, emekle işlediğimiz tamamı organik ürünlerimizi sizlere sunuyoruz.


Trust & taste

Kaja NATURAL combines high product quality with production quality, raw material and service quality. Valuing the producer, Kaja NATURAL also mediates the support and development of the country's agriculture with reliable and guaranteed agreements. It aims to ensure that tomatoes reach the consumer in their most delicious form with automated systems that are mechanized from start to finish.


Principled manufacturing

Our FRİGOPAK facility, which has received full points from strict food safety audits in the countries it exports to, has BRC (AA+), IFS (Higher Level), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), ISO 14001, Halal, Kosher, FDA certificates and Sedex and BSCI social compliance standards. Our company provides a reliable food production area where all the requirements of global food safety standards such as BRC and IFS are fulfilled, based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), with the cleanliness and hygiene of both production lines, employee clothing and social areas.

Try it and you will love it

You can be the chef of your own kitchen by combining our products, which we believe in their freshness and naturalness, with different dishes that will change your taste and habits.


80% Women power

For Kaja NATURAL, employee satisfaction is as important as service quality. In addition to its mission to train personnel suitable for the sector, it also attaches importance to women's power and employment: 80 percent of our more than 1000 employees are women. Aiming to offer the safest environment and conditions to its employees, Kaja NATURAL offers a working environment that is organized in accordance with the service place criteria determined by the Turkish Standards Institute and the Ministry of Labor, putting employee health and safety first.


Environmentally sensitive

Kaja NATURAL understands the importance of natural resources for future generations. 95% of raw material waste is fed into a bio-energy plant to be converted into electrical energy and natural fertilizer. This converted energy is used in industrial production facilities and the fertilizer obtained is used in agriculture, contributing significantly to recycling and sustainability chains. It fulfills its duty to the environment and nature by separating all other metal, glass and paper wastes and sending them to the appropriate recycling facilities.