A first in Turkey!

This glass bottle, consisting of seasonally ripe and dried tomatoes, is all organic. Jr. Sous CHEF Dried Tomato Ketchup, which contains no preservatives, additives, and colorants, is Turkey's first ketchup produced from dried tomatoes with the highest content of tomatoes. 100 grams of ketchup containing molasses instead of sugar is only 69 calories. And each of these delicious jars contains three kilos of tomatoes. No recipe for this taste. Try it. You'll love it.

Areas of use:

You can use it with meatballs and potatoes or as a base for your own sauces. You can add it to your cold or hot sandwiches, hamburgers, or toasts. 


290 Grams Glass Jar


Organic Dried Tomatoes 74%, Organic Onions 11%, Organic Vinegar 4%, Organic Olive Oil 3%, Sea Salt 3%, Organic Garlic 2%, Organic Molasses 2%, Organic Spices 1%

Shelf Life:

2 Years as of Production Date

Gurme Soslar