Unique consistency and flavor! Jr. Sous CHEF Tomato Paste obtained by producing tomatoes ripening in the Aegean Region with good agricultural practices does not contain any additives, preservatives, colorants, and additional salts. You can achieve delicious dishes and sauces with a 65% lycopene ratio and unique aroma of this tomato paste, which has 4 kg tomato in each jar; sometimes you can go back to your childhood and eat it on bread. Try it. You'll love it.

Areas of use:

You can use it as a base for all your pot dishes that contain fiber and protein that tomatoes flavor, dishes with a sauce such as mantı, and other sauces. Keep in mind that you can flavor your afternoon snacks such as lentil meatballs and kısır.

Product Name:

Tomato Paste


475 Grams Glass Jar


100% Tomato

Shelf Life:

2 Years as of Production Date